Communion Bread Recipe

Communion Service 

 Christ calls all to partake that have accepted Him as LORD and Savior, for all have sinned.


Communion is one of the most solemn and yet joyous occasions.  While it is a time that calls for heart-searching and forgiveness, it is also a time of encouragement and spiritual renewal.  Before joining in Communion, we are to do deep heart-searching and repenting of any sins that we committed against GOD, and to one another. 

The celebration of Communion gives opportunity to renew and rebuild relationships with GOD and with others. As we join together in the foot washing service and in the eating and drinking of the symbols of Christ’s death, we are reminded of our need of GOD’s continued grace and love and for closer fellowship with one another. 

Foot washing is a symbol of character.  When we take someone’s feet in our hands to wash them, we are taught important lessons of love, service, and humility, as Jesus showed (John 13).  

The LORD’s Supper includes partaking of the unleavened bread, a symbol of Jesus’ body that was broken for our sins, and the grape juice, unfermented wine, a symbol for His blood that was shed for our sins.  Jesus said “this do in remembrance of me” (Luke 22:19-20).  



The LORD’s Supper

Communion Bread


2 Cups King Arthur (or Bob's Red Mill) Whole Wheat Flour*

1/2 Cup Pure Vegetable Oil** 

1/3 Cup Pure Soft Water*** 

1 and 1/2 Teaspoons Salt (Kosher, or Sea Salt)****



 (Pray for efforts to be blessed and for the bread to be tastiest and healthiest and for those that partake to remember the LORD Jesus Christ, His great sacrifice, how His body was broken for us) 


Make sure the oven is turned on to 425 degrees 

Have a mixing bowl and put the water, olive oil, and salt in the bowl 

Mix the ingredients together with a big spoon for good emulsion 

Add the 2 cups of whole wheat flour *

Knead the flour and ingredients very well 

If it's too dry then add a little more water at this point 

If it's too wet then add a little more flour 

Have an oven pan 

Put the bread on the oven pan nicely evenly distributed  

Put the oven pan with bread into oven for 12 minutes 

When the bread is done, take out of the oven  

and let them cool 


*The flour can be spelt instead of whole wheat to make it more healthy.

**Sacha Inchi Oil has the highest Omegas.  The olive oil can be more or less depending on how much of the olive oil taste you want.

***Distilled water is healthier than filtered water 

****Celtic sea salt, or Himalayan salt has a lot of minerals

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